The Team

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Sue Graham
Sue GrahamRN
Sue qualified as an RN in 1978 and worked for the NHS for 10 years. Sue worked with adults with learning difficulties for 20 years and has worked at Larchmere House as a nurse and Deputy Matron for 10 years. Sue loves spending time with her children and grandchildren and enjoys walks in the countryside with the family dog.
Pauline Offen
Pauline OffenRN
Pauline has worked at Larchmere House for 18 years and has 28 years’ experience in the nursing home sector. Pauline enjoys working with the elderly and their families and has completed extended training in all forms of wound care. Pauline’s loves to ride pillion on her husband’s motorbike and they enjoy days out together. Pauline also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.
Annie Murphy
Annie MurphyRN
Annie started nurse training in 1968 and qualified as an SEN in 1970 and then as an RN in 1996. Annie completed her ENB 998 at Greenwich University in 1998. Annie has worked at Larchmere House form 1989-1997 and returned in 2009 to work nights. Annie loves ???????
Nikki White
Nikki WhiteRN
Sharon DoucyDeputy Matron
Emete GardnerRN
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Bency Sujo GeorgeRN
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Sam CheckoRN
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